Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Last weekend we celebrated Claudia's 57th birthday - it was a blast! We had dinner with them Friday night at Mi Ranchito mexican restaurant, then Saturday we went to watch Ela's soccer game & then took the kids to Kangaroo Zoo (pics later). That night we had yummy pizza & enjoyed a game of Quiddler.
On Sunday, we all got together & had a BBQ - YES, even though there was a crazy storm that morning. Here's Grandma with all her grandkids getting ready to sing Happy Birthday. Kaleb already blew out the candles - that explains Dave's look (ha ha).

It was a fun time with family!


Katy said...

I love that girl, she's da bomb (is that still cool to say? kids these days with their hip sayings)

but seriously, Mama Nielson is so great, glad you all got together and celebrated! that cake biting tradition is hilarious... i wanna try too--- i'll go get a cake right now!)

please tell that Stone Cold Fox Mother in Law of yours hi and love ya from Me please... she'll know that i'm winking and giving her "you know what i'm talkin' about" eyes.

Our Dad Defends Our Country said...

Cute family traditions! My kids don't appreciate the cake biting thing like Kaleb does! They must get that from me. I don't like th cake in my nose! Your mother in-law didn't seem to mind it too much! What a sport!