Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kolby's Keepers 2014!

This is our 3rd year doing the DOWN SYNDROME WALK!!

Here's our handsome Kolby with some of his cousins - we had such an amazing turn-out this year!

Unfortunately, my Dad couldn't make it - he's so dedicated to working in the temple.  :)

Met up with my old High School friend, MaryAnn - with her adorable youngest daughter & niece.

He did it!!

Unlimited waters & food??!!.....yes, please!

Candacey made an awesome sign for the walk, ha ha.

Very thirsty boy!  We are so blessed to have him in our family - we love you so much Kolby!
A huge THANK YOU to all of those who attended & made it wonderful for him.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The past year.....quick update.

First of all, we had a baby - Khloe 6/20/13

Kaleb has been doing so well in the Pinewood derby - 1st place as a Bear, 2nd place as a Webelos!

The Nielsons were able to attend Khloe's baby blessing!

Keilana was baptized!

We have participated in the Sharing Down Syndrome Walk for our Kolby!

Attended the Open House of the Gilbert Temple....best experience ever!

Our big boy has graduated from Middle School!

Treated ourselves to Disneyland & California Adventure with my sister Ake.

Her first time at the beach!

On our way home from Utah, we stopped in Page, Arizona - so beautiful!

Have 9 new cousins in the past 4 years!....here are 3: Mary, Cameron & Kate
Other cousins, Esther, Xochitl, Corbin, Peyton, Reagan & Aaron.

Andy has been playing in a softball tournament for the past 2 years - so fun to watch him!

Kaleb is done with elementary school!

So blessed with an amazing family - wonderful memories - living each day to the fullest!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Halloween Fun!

I haven't posted in a while, so I thought that I would quickly share some pics from our first Halloween in Phoenix!!

A cheeky pumpkin & a bat!

Lana was given the worst job - but seemed to enjoy it (ha ha).

We decided not to buy any decorations - so Andy made his own! (ha ha, so creative)
Oh, this is what happens when I say "Look scary!"

Of course we went to our Ward "Trunk-or-Treat" - we had dinner & then some carnival games!

Rocket, Dash, Snow White & Kai Lan!

We also attended my parents Trunk-or-Treat.....the kids LOVED the train ride.

This was taken ON Halloween Day - notice how Lana is wearing a different costume?? YES, she was ALICE IN WONDERLAND.....she just refused to wear the costume to the parties (ha ha, stubborn!)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Cheshire Cat!

My baby sister is a HUGE fan of Theater & even though she's definitely her own character, we LOVE going to her school performances. This past month was "ALICE IN WONDERLAND"......she was hilarious! It was fun to see how our kids enjoyed it......of course when the Queen would shout, Kaleb would copy (ha ha). Its so funny now, whenever Lana sees a picture of the Cheshire cat, she says its "Aunt Candace" (ha ha).

Alice, Lana & The Cheshire Cat (aka Candacey)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Kolby is loved!!

Kolbys class chose to write little sentences about him & it totally made my day to read them, so I had to share it.

Our favorite sentence: "He loves happy" (ha ha)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kaleb is 7!!

We are so proud of Kaleb - even though he's a challenge at times, being autistic, he is definitely one of the sweetest & funniest kids you'll ever know. He is so excited to say "I am 7 years old", its like he's been waiting for this birthday all year! (ha ha) He's holding this birthday card because Lana wrote on it.....yes, she's so proud of herself (ha ha).

Thanks to his SpongeBob birthday card, we've had that birthday song in our heads for a while (ha ha). We had a fun time with my family - there's never a dull moment!

We celebrated the whole weekend - he had a party at school, then on his actual birthday he opened some presents & made treats, then on Labor Day we had my family over for dinner, presents & cake. He had such a fun time!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALEB - we love you SO much!!

Kaleb, the artist!

I love when my kids come home from school with pictures.......& this one from Kaleb is hilarious. Yeah, he's not a fan of drawing & he gets that from me (ha ha). I just can't help but laugh at the little squares under my arms......are those the FLAB under my arms......or MUSCLES?? (ha ha ha ha).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My brothers' first FOOTBALL game!

Hmmm, where's my brother, you may ask??.....well, he's the one in the BLACK shirt - yeah, he couldn't play his FIRST game, due to failing English Honors (ha ha, poor Michael) - at least he got to help out.

We still had a lot of fun supporting the Camelback Spartans - my old school!

Lana & Kaleb made a new friend (ha ha)....unfortunately his family was cheering for the other team (ha ha).

Enjoying the game - Candacey, Ake & the kids.

Even Kolby had a great time!

Camelback won 10-6 against Central!!

"No medicine!"

I know, it looks like poor Lana is being tortured.....& actually, if you asked her, she'd say she was (ha ha).
My kids have a problem with taking liquid medicine......either they let it drool out of their mouths, ask for a drink so they can spit it in the cup, or make gagging sounds like they're about to throw up (ha ha ha) - yes, my kids are dramatic!
SOOOO, I thought that I would be smart & buy the medicated strips that just melt on your tongue.......Kaleb STILL made his throwing up sounds, but eventually chews it & says its yummy.....& then there's Lana, who wouldn't even let it get to her tongue - it sat on her TEETH for a while, then she lets it drip onto her shirt, then asks for a popsicle to get rid of the taste.

I told Lana that if she doesn't take it, she has to go to the hospital....& as she's crying, she whines "I'll go to the doctor at the hospital"!!