Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kolby's Keepers 2014!

This is our 3rd year doing the DOWN SYNDROME WALK!!

Here's our handsome Kolby with some of his cousins - we had such an amazing turn-out this year!

Unfortunately, my Dad couldn't make it - he's so dedicated to working in the temple.  :)

Met up with my old High School friend, MaryAnn - with her adorable youngest daughter & niece.

He did it!!

Unlimited waters & food??!!.....yes, please!

Candacey made an awesome sign for the walk, ha ha.

Very thirsty boy!  We are so blessed to have him in our family - we love you so much Kolby!
A huge THANK YOU to all of those who attended & made it wonderful for him.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The past year.....quick update.

First of all, we had a baby - Khloe 6/20/13

Kaleb has been doing so well in the Pinewood derby - 1st place as a Bear, 2nd place as a Webelos!

The Nielsons were able to attend Khloe's baby blessing!

Keilana was baptized!

We have participated in the Sharing Down Syndrome Walk for our Kolby!

Attended the Open House of the Gilbert Temple....best experience ever!

Our big boy has graduated from Middle School!

Treated ourselves to Disneyland & California Adventure with my sister Ake.

Her first time at the beach!

On our way home from Utah, we stopped in Page, Arizona - so beautiful!

Have 9 new cousins in the past 4 years!....here are 3: Mary, Cameron & Kate
Other cousins, Esther, Xochitl, Corbin, Peyton, Reagan & Aaron.

Andy has been playing in a softball tournament for the past 2 years - so fun to watch him!

Kaleb is done with elementary school!

So blessed with an amazing family - wonderful memories - living each day to the fullest!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chimney fun!

How does Santa bring your presents into the house?.........down the chimney of course!
I have never seen one of these before, until now, when I helped Andy put it together. Its almost as old as he is.......his parents have kept it all these years. It looks like a real fireplace, huh? (ha ha)

This is perfect for an apartment or home that doesn't have one (ha ha).......especially if you have kids that believe in Santa (ha ha ha). Its just a cardboard project that takes about 15-20mins to put together.......its so cool!

Andy & Kaleb are trying to keep their hands warm (ha ha ha)

Lana wants everyone to have a 'Merry Christmas'!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Yip, I'm one of those Twilight fans.......but I wasn't a fan of this movie. It was good, but not GREAT! I had a hard time getting into that book too, so that's probably why I didn't love the movie as much. I LOVED the werewolves & wanted more......and I'm sorry girls, but I still think that Edward isn't all that cute.

Thanks to 'Gordon Family Dental' we were able to go to an earlier showing of the movie! We also had Andys sister Debbie & her friend Tiffany come with us - it was fun! We were able to eat dinner while watching the movie & I loved that!

I think I need to watch it again......maybe I'll like it more the 2nd time.
I wonder if Andy is up for it - he doesn't look that excited (ha ha)
He loved it! Thanks for taking me honey, you're the best!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cousins Sleepover!

I don't recall ever having a sleepover when I was little - but watching these kids most of the night was pretty cute. As I am writing this post, Kaleb & Lana are still taking naps.....yip, exhausted!

They all seem to be dancing, but there is no music playing (ha ha).......they are soooo entertaining!
We missed you Marsh!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

Who is this intimidating Autobot, you ask?
Its my big boy, Kolby 'Optimus Prime'!
Who is this superhero with the huge muscles?
Its my bodyguard, Kaleb 'The Dash'!
Who is this beautiful Princess?
Its Keilana 'Snow White'!
We had such a fun Halloween - we carved our pumpkins that day (ha ha, unlike those who carve theirs for FHE the week before).......we ate delicious 'chilli in a pumpkin'.......took the kids trick-or-treating in the neighborhood........and then had cousins come over.

The Nielson Clan!
L to R: Annamarie (Duck), Lucas (Dragon), Ela (Witch), Claudia (Witch), Kaleb, Lana, Kolby, Me (something in the medical field, ha ha ha), Debbie (Princess) & Tink (Pony)
I hope that everyone had a fun & safe Halloween!!

Yeah, I'm sure people wondered WHY I carved my pumpkin this way! (ha ha)

Monday, October 26, 2009


If you live near Thanksgiving Point - this is a MUST before Halloween!
We did quite a few things, but I wanted to share our favorites:

First of all, I am a big fan of this rocking chair & my cute kids!

Andy didn't get to ride one, but he really enjoyed watching Kaleb ride the bull!

Kolby LOVED the bouncy pillows......& the 2 clowns rolling on it!

Kaleb loves to be silly, so he loved posing with the fun boards.

Of course Keilana loved Pumpkin Princess Land.....but I guess she was too good to smile.

It was definitely a fun-filled day with my beautiful family!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kalebs school pic!

Kaleb is LOVING Kindergarten - he is such a quick learner & has recently loved to read.
We are so proud of you handsome boy!!
(Kolbys pic should be coming soon.......stay tuned, ha ha)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well-child Check-ups!

I am a mean Mommy!
First of all, as Lana & I are getting ready this morning, I asked her if she wants to go for a ride, and she says "Okay Mommy, I'll get my sweater". Then, I forgot to inform Kalebs teacher that I had to take him out of class early, so when we got to school to get him, he was missing out on P.E & getting new books for the week. Sorry Kaleb. He kept thanking me for picking him up though & excited to go on a ride......the last time we went on a ride was to a park. As we're driving to Provo I tried to keep them happy, but giving them goldfish & listening to their playlist on my ipod......it seemed to work well. Then we pulled up into the parking lot at the Doctors office & Kaleb says "Mom, Doctors?? No Mom, it hurts." I told them that it was just a check-up to see if they're growing big & strong, and that they won't be getting any shots today. Kaleb was a little nervous. Of course when we get in the waiting room & see the fish & 'Bolt' is playing, they are just fine. Then we're there for over 30 mins & the kids get impatient, so I call Andy to come & help, which I am sooo thankful for. The rest of the appointment went well..........

Kaleb has gained 10 pounds since his last check-up (ha ha......I swear he's not fat, just solid)

Lana even gained 7 pounds & hasn't gotten too much taller since last year (ha ha)

The kids were so brave, and then as they're getting their shoes & sweaters on, the nurse comes in.......we decided to give them flu mists. I know, no warning for the kids. Kaleb HATED it, but Lana was so brave & just sniffed it right up (should I be worried? ha ha). So, yes, I didn't lie, the kids weren't getting shots & any kind of owies, just a spray shoved up their nose, ha ha. I am so mean! Well at least they are protected again the swine flu, right?? (ha ha) I am so glad that I have had healthy kids all year.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Team Crush!

My little brother Michael plays in a football league team 'Crush'.

According to my family & the coach, he is a great player (yeah, we haven't been to any of his games). He was the Quarterback for a few games, but since the team is so small, he's had to play other positions & loves it.

Last night he had his first injury. A huge kid landed on Michael when he was tackled to the ground. My parents took him to the ER & the doctor says he's fine & just has a bruised rib, he just needs to rest & take pain pills (ha ha). The joys of football!

Who knows if he'll get better before his last game......next Saturday.

My brother Muimui (aka Crush Manager, ha ha) - far left & my brother Michael in the very back.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Lana & I are ready with our BYU gear - awaiting the game!
They're still doing pretty well this season, with only ONE loss (which brought them down quite a bit in the rankings). We are hopeful that they will continue to do great!



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Up-to-date in ONE post!

Well, its ONLY been a few months since I've posted, so here's what we've been up to:

(My mother-in-laws family)

It was a fun weekend.....we went swimming & had lunch at a park & had a BBQ at Dave & Annas place. We had quite a few family members missing, but can't wait to see everyone again.


My Uncle is a mechanic & opened his new shop in Salt Lake......spread the word, he's really good!!


What can I say?.......he was spoiled, ate cake & played with his new toys.


Yip, our precious boy is in a class of BIG 4th graders, so he's been easy to pick on. In the first 3 weeks of school, he had been hurt 4 times & this one was the worst. Since we've met with the Principal, things have definitely been better. Awww, I just get sad again looking at this picture. A girl in his class reached over & scratched him for no reason, while he was eating his lunch.


Do you guys have any idea how fun it is to go to an amusement park with NO KIDS?? Yeah, we went with NuSkin again this year to Lagoon & had the BEST time! We went to the Lion House in Salt Lake for dinner & then played all night!! (okay, just til 11pm) I am so grateful to be married to a wonderful guy who loves me & makes me soooo happy. I love you Andy!


Oh, this one wasn't PLANNED.....as I was in the shower, Lana found the scissors & thought it would be fun to chop all her hair on the right side of her face. Thank goodness for Cookie Cutters who made it look somewhat like a girl haircut (ha ha).

The Holas have been planning for a reunion for YEARS now, but there was never a good time. Now that Grandma has left us, so many of us got together. All of my Dads siblings came from all over the world & I got to meet so many cousins. Thank you Grandma for uniting the family again - we love & miss you!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Free splash!!

There's a new place right behind the Highland City Building, where the kids can play around in the water.........and its FREE!! In the picture below, they also have water shooting up out of the ground (in the circle), but I guess its only turned on during certain times of the day.
We were the only ones there for a while & so the kids ran around like crazy!
Lana loved climbing on the rocks & getting sprayed!

Kaleb enjoying laying in the water & feeling the current pass by.

Kolby just enjoyed sitting in it & enjoying the cool water.
And of course, Andy figured that when you cover one hole with your foot, it adds more pressure to the others, so he can spray us........FUNNY HONEY!!
And this is how the Nielsons love to cool off!!